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Plan a wildfire awareness, risk reduction, or post-fire project to be implemented during NFPA's third national Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on Saturday, May 7, and your activity could receive one of 125 project funding awards in the amount of $500 each to cover expenses related to grassroots efforts. The project funding awards opportunity along with additional outreach components is being generously provided by State Farm.


Applying for a project funding award is easy and takes only a few minutes to complete. Submit a brief description of the project you or your group will complete on May 7 and include who will be participating. Get family and friends to vote for the project on the official site or on Facebook as a way to demonstrate local support. To be considered applications must be submitted by February 28.


Find easy-to-do project ideas to get you started in planning an activity, or customize one to specifically meet local needs. Take a look at projects from the 2015 campaign and see what others have accomplished. Your actions will contribute to increasing the safety of both residents and wildland firefighters. Commit a couple of hours or an entire day to helping your community and accomplish something great!


Activities can be coordinated by a wide-range of stakeholders: individuals, neighborhoods, recognized Firewise Communities, civic groups, fire departments or forestry agencies working to reduce wildfire risks, advance general wildfire preparedness, or minimize post-fire impacts from a recent wildfire.


Funding awards can be applied for by anyone 13 years or older. Read the Official Rules for complete details and join individuals and groups of all ages on Saturday, May 7 as they participate in national Wildfire Community Preparedness Day and make where they live safer.


Once your project details become finalized add them to the Put Your Project on the Map. Include your information and help demonstrate the efforts taking place in communities everywhere. Together we will illustrate the magnitude of risk reduction activities occurring throughout the U.S. during the first Saturday in May.


Promoting your activity is simple when you use free customizable flyers, the official logo, an email signature or web banner, postcard and social media cover photos. Let everyone know what you have planned and encourage them to get involved too!


Share your efforts through social media on Facebook and Twitter using #WildfirePrepDay.

6a01bb08a9454e970d01bb08ace978970d-400wi.pngIn the winter months, it’s especially important to be conscious of how snow-covered fire hydrants can delay fire services, costing crucial seconds or minutes that can mean the difference between saving a structure and its inhabitants and not doing so.


The Boston Globe reported last winter that the city’s fire department was deploying teams of fire fighters to dig out hydrants covered by the city’s record snow fall. According to the article, a hydrant needs about a foot of space below its valve, and another two feet of space all around it. This space allows fire fighters to attach hoses to the valve and rotate the hydrant wrench.

As Lieutenant Kevin Jordan of the Boston Fire Department explained to the Globe, a fire engine holds about two to five minutes’ worth of water. When that is used up, hydrants become indispensable, as every passing second allows a fire to grow.


In 2013, a fire destroyed a Boston home when firefighters were delayed by a hydrant obstructed by snow. In contrast, this past winter a New Hampshire home was saved because a neighbor cleared the hydrant off before fire services arrived.


In many regions of the country, shoveling out fire hydrants become a necessity during the winter. While property owners are legally obligated to clear their sidewalks, no such regulations govern the clearing of hydrants. It’s important, then, that private citizens do their part by clearing snow away from hydrants in a timely manner. The app Adopt-a-Hydrant allows community members to take responsibility for clearing off specific hydrants in their area. The work of just a few minutes might later prove to be vital to the safety of you or your neighbors!

With the world still reeling over deadly active-shooter attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, in late 2015, public safety officials continue to discuss the best way to prepare and respond to these events, including providing civilians with more training about how to prepare and respond in these incidents.


The “In a Flash” section of the new January/February issue of NFPA Journal looks at these incidents, which are often over in a matter of minutes, before law enforcement can respond. The best course of action, many experts now say, may be to better prepare civilians for what actions to take in the first moments of a shooter event, where split-second decisions can mean life or death.


In January, NFPA will co-host a high-level meeting in Arlington, Virginia, to discuss active-shooter preparation and response, with a focus on what civilians can do to better protect themselves.


Learn more about what programs currently exist, what NFPA is doing, and read statistics from studies about active-shooter incidents in the new NFPA Journal.

Also in this issue’s “In a Flash,” read about firefighting jetpacks in Dubai, and NASA’s plans to deploy dozens of satellites that will be able to detect wildfires from space.


Read about the why healthcare facilities need to bone up on their fire-protection rated doors, and the changes made to the 2016 edition of NFPA 80, Fire Doors and other Opening Protectives. Also, read news briefs about the latest fire and life safety happenings, read about NFPA Journal’s new columns on NFPA’s initiatives in Washington D.C. and abroad, all in the “In a Flash” section of the new January/February NFPA Journal.


Receive the print edition of NFPA Journal and browse online member-only archives as part of your NFPA membership. Learn more about the many benefits and join today.

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