'Perspectives' in new NFPA Journal features NFPA's data scientist Nathaniel Lin on big data and NFPA's future

Blog Post created by jesseroman Employee on Jan 22, 2016


Big Data is now being used to affect changes and find efficiencies seemingly everywhere you look, and even in many places you would never suspect. Data sets help fight the spread of malaria, grow better crops, and even identify ways to improve world happiness.


In September, NFPA took a decisive step further into the world of big data analytics by hiring former IBM data scientist Nathaniel Lin as director of data strategy and analytics. Shortly after being hired, Lin sat down for a long form interview with NFPA Journal Staff Writer Jesse Roman for the “Perspectives” feature in the new January/February issue of NFPA Journal.


Lin believes NFPA is sitting atop a “gold mine” of information; opportunities are everywhere, he said, from data-driven models that inform wildfire risk reduction strategies to analytics tools to help enforcers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their inspection programs.


Find out more about the kinds of tools Lin hopes to develop from harnessing the troves of fire data; learn about NFPA’s ambitious data and analytics plans to support it’s goals, and read about how “data, with the right type of advanced analytics, is truly transformational,” all in the “Perspectives” feature in the new NFPA Journal.


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