Firefighter Cancer Support Network shares information about new cancer-prevention white paper for World Cancer Day

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Feb 5, 2016

Yesterday was World Cancer Day, and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network shared a great post that we wanted to make sure our readers saw as well. They thought (and we agree!) that the day was a great opportunity to mention FCSN's new cancer-prevention white paper. FCSN assembled an outstanding working group for three days last week, and one of NFPA's Research Foundation members, Casey Grant, was able to attend. The group met to review the latest occupational-cancer research and develop recommended cancer-prevention practices for the fire service. The new white paper’s scheduled for release in April. FCSN thanked their participants for their time, dedication and expertise, Chiefs John Buckman and Dan Eggleston for facilitating, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and IAFF Local 1403 for their incredible hospitality; and Honeywell First Responder Products for the generous $10K contribution toward the meeting expenses on their Facebook page, where you can find more details.


We will be sure to let you all know when this white paper is released by FCSN following this great meeting, so stay tuned for updates!


Pictured: FCSN cancer-prevention working group participants assemble in the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Training Facility on January 26, 2016. From right by row: Bryan Frieders, John M. Buckman III, Jack Jarrell, Greg Mackin; Burton Clark, Julie Sherman; Keith Tyson, Peter McBride, Aaron Straussner; Susan Schell, Russell Osgood, Tim Elliott; Adam Wood, Vicki Sheppard; Todd LeDuc, Casey Grant; Susan Tamme, Larry Petrick; Sam Eaton, Paul Erickson, Steve Westcott; Paul Sumner, Tom Hales; Beth Gallup, Dan Eggleston; Gavin Horn, Mike Hamrock. Not pictured: Nicolas Morgado, Michael Mackey, Alberto Caban-Martinez, Natasha Schaefer Solle. Photo courtesy of John M. Buckman III.