NFPA's Engineering department is currently recruiting for four open positions

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Feb 9, 2016


We have four positions currently open in our engineering department, and wanted YOU to hear about them!

  • Associate Engineer: NFPA is actively searching for an Associate Engineer who will independently manage and answer advisory service questions related to the ongoing sprinkler project as well as related standards such as fire pumps, standpipes, water tanks, and underground piping systems (NFPA 13, 13D, 13R, 20, 14, 22 and 291.) The successful candidate will assist technical committees in the development and maintenance of a specific technical committee project of moderate complexity. In addition, he or she will provide technical services to members and constituents as well as serving as a technical project manager for assigned technical committees.

  • Manager, Industrial & Chemical: We are searching for a Division Manager, Industrial & Chemical Engineering, to be responsible for the daily oversight and management of programs, projects and assignments that support the NFPA mission as well as short and long term goals of NFPA as they relate to codes, standards, field service, personnel and management responsibilities. Independently makes decisions representing the views and positions of the Association.

  • Lead - Electrical: The Technical Lead - Electrical serves as the definitive source of knowledge and expertise for the Electrical area, functions as the internal and external organizational ambassador for that area and applies that expertise to support NFPA’s standards development organization, stakeholder-centric product development process and the organization’s overall vision and strategic direction. The Technical Lead – Electrical is the primary Association spokesperson and externally-facing subject matter expert for all Electrical topics and is independently responsible for managing all engineering services within the area of expertise including content creation and delivery, external relationships, and related association-wide activities.

  • Alarm Specialist: We have an ideal opportunity for a fire alarm specialist who will independently manage technical projects of a complex nature related to area of expertise including technical committee, product development, and association activities.

Are you a fit for any of these positions? We want to hear from you! Take a look at each job's roles and responsibilities as well as ideal candidate requirements on our Careers website.