Call for members on new Technical Committee on Hazardous Waste

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on May 6, 2016

At its April 2016 meeting, the NFPA Standards Council voted to approve a new Technical Committee on Hazardous Waste along with a committee scope.  Previously, at its August 2015 meeting, the Council voted to establish a task group, chaired by Dr. James Milke, Professor and Chair of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland. The Task Group was charged with determining the best approach to address hazardous waste disposal. The Task Group met and recommended to the Council the formation of a new Technical Committee and development of a document to address hazardous waste generators, transporters, and Treatment Storage Disposal (TSD) facilities which should also include a crosswalk between NFPA, EPA, and DOT classifications of hazardous waste. The Hazardous Waste Disposal Task Group was discharged by the Council with thanks.The Council directed that a call for members be published for anyone interested in serving on the new Technical Committee.  NFPA staff will then return to the Council with a proposed start-up roster.


Anyone interested in applying to this committee, should submit an online application.  You will be asked to sign-in or create a free online account with NFPA before using this system.


    • Approved Committee Scope:  This Committee shall have primary responsibility for documents on safeguarding against the fire and explosion hazards associated with the treatment, storage, disposal, generation, and transportation of hazardous waste.