Council of Canadian Fire Marshals Fire Commissioners and NFPA introduce electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicle safety training for emergency responders in Canada

Blog Post created by audreycooney Employee on May 10, 2016

Five_Tesla_Model_S_electric_cars_in_Norway.jpgNFPA and the Council of Canadian Fire Marshals Fire Commissioners (CCFMFC) recently announced that they have signed a license agreement to deliver an Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicle Safety Training Program for Emergency Responders throughout Canada based on materials originally developed by NFPA for U.S. first responders.


As the number of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) on Canadian roads steadily increases, it become all the more important that first responders are properly trained to respond to emergencies involving these vehicles. The need for alternative fuel vehicle emergency response training was highlighted in the industry-led, federal government-coordinated document, Electric Vehicle Technology Roadmap for Canada.

Recent license agreements between CCFMFC and NFPA mean that Canadian fire, police, EMS, tow truck operators and other first responders will have access to a variety of relevant materials, training, resources, and emergency field guides that provide responders with a quick reference on how to handle AFV incidents on-scene.

Thanks to the support of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), the training materials will now be available throughout Canada in both of the country’s official languages, English and French. CCFNC and NFPA also received support and technical expertise from Transport Canada’s ecoTechnology for Vehicles Program.


By collaborating with the appropriate provincial and territorial training authorities, CCFMFC hopes to introduce this first-of-its kind, country-wide emergency first responder training as early as this summer.