Help defend home fire sprinklers by taking part in upcoming vote

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on May 10, 2016

silver sprinkler angle.jpgOpponents of home fire sprinklers failed in their initial effort to eliminate home fire sprinklers from the 2018 edition of the International Code Council's (ICC) International Residential Code (IRC). All five anti-sprinkler proposals considered by the IRC Residential Building Code Committee at their April public hearing in Louisville, Kentucky, were rejected.


However, proponents of one proposal (RB129-16) introduced an “assembly motion,” which requires a vote by ICC members to support or oppose the committee recommendation. This proposal removes requirements for home fire sprinklers from the body of the code and places it in the appendix, making the requirement an option for adoption. We need your help to oppose/defeat the assembly motion.


What's at Stake?


The future of home fire safety in America hinges on winning this vote and upcoming votes that may occur during ICC’s final action voting in November.  Home fire sprinklers represent our best chance at combating America's fire problem. We've been successful in defending that requirement in the 2009, 2012, and 2015 editions of the IRC. If we lose in 2016, home fire safety could be set back for decades.


Take Action: Vote Online


There is a two-week online voting window that is scheduled to begin on or shortly after May 11. To vote go this website and complete the registration/sign-in process. Follow the prompts for "online voting," and search Item RB129-16 and vote against the assembly/floor motion for “approval as submitted.”


All ICC members are eligible to participate in this vote. For this vote, you do not have to be a governmental employee to participate. All current ICC members, including contractors, manufacturers, consultants, etc., are eligible to vote. Governmental employees who completed the required annual validation process prior to March 18 are also eligible to vote.


Governmental employees who did not re-validate prior to March 18th are not eligible to participate in this vote. However, governmental employees still have time to be validated for participation in final action voting later this year if their annual validation process is completed prior to September 19.  (Here's how to update your voter representative information.)


Please contact NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative team with any questions.