In the new May/June NFPA Journal, “In Compliance” department looks at sprinkler plans, MNS intelligibility, and more

Blog Post created by scottsutherland Employee on May 19, 2016

What’s the difference between apreliminary sprinkler plan anda working sprinkler plan?Making thaworking plan.pngt important distinction is the subject of “Best-Laid Plans,” the lead article in the “In Compliance” department of the new May/June NFPA Journal.


In his NFPA 13 article, author Matt Klaus points out that it isn’t enough to simply refer to “the plans” when undertaking sprinkler installation projects. There are important distinctions between preliminary and working plans, Klaus says, and anyone involved with an installation needs to understand the function of each. “Working plans are typically prepared using the preliminary plans as a starting point, and layers of detail are added as the building geometry and the locations of other building systems are finalized,” Klaus writes.


Other “In Compliance” pieces include Wayne Moore’s NFPA 72 article on the importance of understanding MNS intelligibility; Ron Coté’s NFPA 101 update on the size of hospital smoke compartments; and Jeff Sargent’s NEC article on how the code can benefit both safety and the bottom line.


The May/June issue of NFPA Journal features an extensive preview of the upcoming NFPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, scheduled for June 13–16, and also includes a complete listing of Expo exhibitors.