New NFPA Journal offers detailed look at changes to the 2017 NFPA 25

Blog Post created by scottsutherland Employee on May 25, 2016

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When technical committee members for NFPA 25, Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, discuss a possible new requirement for the standard, the debate often focuses on the "reasonableness" of the requirement, according to a feature story in the new May/June issue of NFPA Journal. "Is the cost of doing (or not doing) something offset by the benefit derived?" the story asks. "Nowhere is this concept more evident than in the maintenance of a fire protection system."


Changes to the 2017 edition of NFPA 25 are the focus of a story we're calling "Good Housekeeping," part of Journal's comprehensive preview coverage of the 2016 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. The story is written by Russell Leavitt, executive chairman of Telgian Corporation, a member of NFPA's Board of Directors, and a member of Technical Committee on the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.


Many of the "housekeeping" changes to the standard have to do with improving its usability, including simplifying chapter formatting and identifying the location of component requirements. Proposed technical changes include decreased frequencies for some inspections and tests, automated inspection and testing requirements, coordination between the owner and service provide for discharging water, and the inclusion of ITM requirements for aircraft hangars.


The package also includes information on NFPA 25-related education sessions at the Las Vegas conference, scheduled for June 13–16.