New report on mass evacuation and sheltering laws in each state will aid NFPA 1616 committee

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on May 27, 2016

1616massevacandshelteringfeaturethumb.jpgIn 2013, NFPA embarked on the development of NFPA 1616, Standard for Mass Evacuation and Sheltering. The Technical Committee on Mass Evacuation and Sheltering is responsible for the administration of this activity, and they are in the of seeking to clarify the available literature and other applicable detailed information in support of this effort.


A compilation of the different laws and how these laws are implemented through the local emergency management infrastructure is recognized as useful information for the NFPA 1616 effort. Currently in the United States, each state empowers the Governor to take actions in time of disaster, but the authority to order and enforce such an order differs in each jurisdictional area. The purpose of this recently completed Fire Protection Research Foundation project is to provide a compendium of state mandatory evacuation laws and the mechanism for the enforcement of such laws.


"Mass Evacuation and Sheltering,” authored by Bryan L. Hoskins and Keagan D. Lacey with Oklahoma State University is now available for free download.


For further information on this topic, take a look at the new edition of NFPA Journal's article, "Single Source," which delves into the creation of the new NFPA 1616, and how it provides emergency officials with a comprehensive guide for managing a program for mass evacuation and sheltering.


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