NFPA 1: #firecodefridays, NFPA Conference & Expo edition!

Blog Post created by kristinbigda Employee on Jun 10, 2016

As most of you know by now, next week is NFPA's annual Conference and Expo, which, this year, is being held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  This conference is always an exciting time for the NFPA and our community.



There can be A LOT of great things to see and do at a conference of this scale. Do you work with NFPA 1 in your jurisdiction? Are you attending the conference and interested in learning about some of the topics addressed in the Code?  If so, here is my guide for navigating everything the conference has to offer relevant to NFPA 1:


Codes and Standards

  • Interested in the Codes and Standards process and the development of NFPA 1?  Check out the variety of codes and standards resources and events offered this year.  On Wednesday, June 15th at 2:00 pm, is the Standards Showcase, which will provide an update on the Tech Session, the standards development process and discuss new technologies and projects in NFPA codes and standards.

Educational Sessions

  • Session M11:  Food Trucks, On the Road to Regulation will talk about food truck regulation and its role in codes and standards.  NFPA 1 will be adding new language in the 2016 edition on mobile cooking equipment.
  • Session M04: Energy Storage Systems (ESS) - Fire Safety Considerations will provide an overview of fire safety considerations associated with these systems and changes to fire codes (NFPA 1!) that are being considered to address potential hazards associated with the new technologies. (See also Session M21 and M33)
  • Session M27: Marijuana Concentrate and Grow Operation Hazards - Fire Responder Safety will address the manufacturing process, hazards, and evidence associated with the illicit recreational hash oil extraction and marijuana grow operations.  NFPA 1 is currently exploring the addition of a new Chapter to the 2018 Code which will provide safety requirements for the protection of marijuana growing and processing facilities.
  • Session T27, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code: Looking Ahead to 2017 will provide information on the likely changes in the new edition of NFPA 58, LP-Gas Code.  The 2017 edition of NFPA 58 will be extracted into the 2018 edition of NFPA 1.
  • Session T33: PV + Storage: The Path of Rapid Shutdown and ES Safety Gaps discuss the growth of PV + Energy Storage from the perspective of fire & life safety.  NFPA 1 currently contains provisions for PV systems in Section 11.12.  (See also Section T64, W07, W17, and W25)
  • Session W12: Test Your Knowledge: An Interactive Discussion of Fire Protection System ITM will test the audience knowledge of the requirements regarding the inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems.  ITM requirements are an important part of NFPA 1 so this session is sure to be educational...and fun!
  • Networking Lounge: Speakers will be working their way to the lounge after their presentations to continue the discussion and answer questions.

Expo - Discovery District (NEW!)

  • You can touch, feel, see and ask questions about new innovations in the fire protection and safety world.  In particular, check out the Food Truck Safety exhibit!

Here, you can conduct a mock inspection of a food truck with a fire safety specialist and learn all about these trendy "meals on wheels". Experts will be on hand for tours and to provide tip sheets on Monday at 5:00 pm, Tuesday at 11:30 am and Wednesday at 10:00 am.


The Annex

  • New this year, learn about new NFPA initiatives, emerging issues, valuable resources, innovative Expo exhibits and upcoming sessions.


Looks like I am going to have a busy week packed with exciting and informative events.  I look forward to attending the great sessions, speaking in the Annex, helping with food truck inspections, and meeting YOU, our NFPA community and NFPA 1 supporters.


Follow me on Twitter at @KristinB_NFPA for updates on my adventures at the conference throughout the week, or stop me in person and say hello!  Look forward to seeing you there!