NFPA sponsors Green Builder Media and Shelter Dynamics' new resilient and sprinklered tiny home

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Jun 24, 2016

Arc_House_Logo_and_House_image.jpgGreen Builder Media recently announced a partnership with specialty modular builder Shelter Dynamics to bring a prototype tiny home called the Arc House to PCBC (June at the Moscone Center in San Fran), Solar Power International (September at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Vegas), and Greenbuild (October at the Los Angeles Convention Center in LA), with the goal of exposing conference attendees to the uniquely designed, hand-crafted structure that is simultaneously net zero, resource efficient, resilient, intelligent, and elegant. Additionally, the Arc House does include home fire sprinklers (a life-saving feature supported by NFPA and HFSC advocacy and education campaigns) and NFPA has therefore sponsored this effort.


The Arc House is a prototype factory-built 432 square foot residence that shows how small, affordable spaces can be practical and beautiful, as well as net zero energy.  The home’s innovative design is comprised of a series of flowing arches that offer structural stability.  The Arc House’s well-designed interiors are beautiful and functional, boasting comfortable living areas and even a walk-in closet.


The house is resilient in its ability to function independently from the grid and its mitigation of fire risk—the fire protection system meets standards and guidelines set by NFPA. The Arc House represents an excellent example of resilient, autonomous housing that can be located in any kind of urban, suburban, or rural setting.


Look for the Arc House at an upcoming conference, or stay tuned to Green Builder Media's website for more information, photos, and video.