NFPA 70E coming to Salt Lake City July 18-21, 2016

Blog Post created by ccoache Employee on Jul 14, 2016

Have you ever wondered what happens at an NFPA 70E meeting? If so, the NFPA 70E committee is coming to Salt Lake City to conduct the second stage of the 2018 edition process.  The meeting is open to the public and is scheduled to start at 8:00 am Monday July 18th. It will be held at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown. If you cannot make it to the meeting you can keep track of the next edition at under the next edition tab.


NFPA 70E is the standard for electrical safety in the workplace. If you maintain, repair, troubleshoot or work on electrical equipment, NFPA 70E is intended to help protect you. If you are safety manager, facilities operator, or electrical contractor, NFPA 70E is there to help you determine how to protect your workers from electrical hazards.


NFPA 70E is the "how to" to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration's "what you are legally required to do" when it comes to protecting your workers from electrical workplace hazards.


The public input for this cycle included a reorganization of Articles 110 and 120, further refining the arc-flash tables to place a greater emphasis on the assessment process, and to increase the dc shock threshold to 100 Vdc. If you are in Salt Lake City stop in to see what happens with the proposed changes.