Cooking tips are highlighted after a woman starts fire while cooking in a bathtub

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By News Sentinel Staff



A woman from Knoxville, Tennessee started a fire in her apartment in an unusual place – her bathtub!

According to Knoxville Fire Captain D.J. Corcoran, who recently talked to the Knoxville News Sentinel, the woman was attempting to cook a brisket which had been placed on a wire rack across the rim of the tub over an open flame on a small wood-burning grill.

“The tub and the brisket were a total loss,” said Corcoran.

When firefighters arrived, they didn’t even have to pull out the hoses or extinguishers; all they had to do was simply turn on the shower to put out the small blaze.

Cooking in your bathtub isn’t the best idea a person could have, but luckily enough NFPA has tips to avoid these and other cooking fires.

Cooking fires are preventable if you follow some simple tips to keep yourself and those around you safe.  To learn more about cooking safety visit NFPA safety tips page at