GMA and Good Housekeeping report on common household product combustion; share NFPA statistics and tips

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on Jul 26, 2016


ABC's Good Morning America (GMA) and Good Housekeeping featured a story yesterday about common household products combusting and causing significant fire damage to homes. NFPA provided statistics on spontaneous combustion and chemical reaction incidents, and preventative methods for the story.


Linseed oil or flax seed oil, common multi-purpose polishes used to protect wood products and tools, and also recommended for beauty regiments, can provide great benefits but these oils may also ignite and cause devastating fires. The GMA segment and Good Housekeeping article relayed the story of Sherri Prentiss, who lost her Maryland home in 2012 to a raging fire when contractors staining her deck, left wet rags underneath it. A few short hours later the rags ignited, a blaze started, and the family home was lost.


NFPA research indicates that spontaneous combustion causes about 14,000 fires every year, and oily rags are the most common source of the flames. Check out the GMA video, Good Housekeeping story and NFPA report for other highly flammable household items and tips to prevent a devastating fire in your home of place of business.