United Arab Emirates mandates the use of NFPA codes in the wake of marina fires

Blog Post created by dbliss Employee on Aug 5, 2016


Marina fires have become a concern in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


In March, fire erupted on two boats and quickly engulfed six more vessels at Abu Dhabi Breakwater Marina. Firefighters managed to stop the flames from spreading to 211 boats and 23 jet skis nearby.


Boatyard and marina fires present different challenges and require a certain tactical approach. The authorities in UAE recognize this and invited NFPA to partake in a series of meetings with Civil Defense leaders, both at the national and seven Emirates levels, to provide guidance on marina safety. Last month a final meeting took place with national and Emirates authorities, and the owners of yacht clubs and marinas throughout the country.  UAE authorities and marina owners reached consensus and unanimity on the topic of marina fire safety. Drew C. Azzara, NFPA Executive Director for the Middle East & North Africa, reports that after healthy, candid, and results-oriented dialogue, an agreement was made to mandate the use of NFPA 303 Fire Protection Standard for Marinas and Boatyards, and 307 Standard for the Construction and Fire Protection of Marine Terminals, Piers, and Wharves in the UAE. The decision also calls for the adoption of Chapter 28 of the NFPA 1 Fire Code.


The UAE collaboration is yet another example of how NFPA is partnering with government officials and business leaders around the globe to share information and knowledge, and ultimately eliminate fire.