Opportunity to submit proposals for three new research projects at the Fire Protection Research Foundation

Blog Post created by amandakimball Employee on Aug 16, 2016

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Three new Requests for Proposals (RFPs) have been issued by the Foundation in the past few weeks and are still open for any organizations interested in submitting a proposal.  All RFPs are available on the Foundation website at


The first RFP relates to a Phase 1 study on Evaluation of Electrical Feeder and Branch Circuit Loading.  The goal of the project is to develop a data collection plan to provide statistically significant load data for a variety of occupancy and loading types to provide a technical basis for considering revisions to the feeder and branch circuit design requirements in the National Electrical Code®.  The data would be collected in a potential second phase project.  The deadline for proposal submission is 22 August 2016 by 5pm EDT.


The second RFP is for a literature review on Storage Protection and Horizontal Barriers.  Contractor will review relevant literature on potential horizontal barriers in rack storage arrangements, relevant requirements in NFPA 13 and the basis behind each, and currently available test data related to shelving/horizontal barriers.  The end project will be an analysis of the knowledge gaps around the topic that could lead to further research.  The deadline for proposals is 2 September 2016 by 5pm EDT.


The third RFP relates to the topic of Marina Risk Reduction.  The overall goal of this project is to provide a comprehensive risk assessment and associated action plan to eliminate, prevent, and/or mitigate the harmful effects of Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) in the vicinity of marinas, boatyards and floating buildings.  The deadline for proposals is 9 September 2016 by 5pm EDT.


If you have any questions, please contact


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