Research Foundation study developed a prototype tool to measure environmental and economic impact of a fire event

Blog Post created by amandakimball Employee on Aug 22, 2016

RF report.JPGNFPA recently hosted a workshop on economic decision making in fire and electrical safety.  One of the studies highlighted during the presentations was a study completed by the Research Foundation on "Development of an Environmental and Economic Assessment Tool (Enveco Tool) for Fire Events".

In broad terms, the impact of fire on a community is usually measured in terms of the number of fires, human casualties, and property damage. There are, however, more subtle impacts of fire that are not so easily estimated but contribute to the measure of overall performance of the fire service in protecting a community. A simple method of estimating two of these issues: environmental impact and economic impact is proposed to help fire departments communicate the value of their services to the communities they protect.

While environmental and economic impact assessment methodologies exist as separate systems, they generally require a high level of knowledge that is outside the scope of most fire departments. A relatively simple methodology for estimating the environmental and economic impact of fires will help communities understand the degree to which fire department activities can benefit a community’s environmental and economic well-being.

The Foundation undertook a study to investigate the feasibility of developing a tool that enables fire departments to estimate the value of their services to a community in terms of environmental and financial impact. A report is available on the Foundation website that provides a summary of this effort, which resulted in development of a prototype tool for fire department use.

If you are interested in exploring the use of the prototype tool in your community, please contact the Foundation for more information.

To learn more about the study and the prototype tool, there is also a free recorded webinar available on the NFPA website.


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