#TBT from the NFPA Archives: methods of fire protection for oil storage tanks, 1917

Blog Post created by maryelizabethwoodruff Employee on Aug 25, 2016

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From the NFPA Quarterly v. 10, no. 3, 1917


"The use of a tenacious foam solution as a means of extinguishing oil fires has been brought to the attention of the oil producers in the country during the last two years.  The process consists essentially in mixing two chemical solutions, to produce a thick tenacious foam, containing bubbles of carbon dioxide, and in spreading this foam over the surface of the burning oil."


Tests of this foam extinguisher were conducted by igniting flammable liquids in the tank.  Foam was discharged onto the fire, gradually covering the surface and extinguishing the fire.  The elapsed time from the start of the fire to the time it was extinguished was just under four minutes.




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