What In The World Is A Marine Chemist?

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Amy Liu, CMC 706 – the first and currently only female NFPA Marine Chemist


You may be asking what in the world a Marine Chemist is.  Did you know that currently there are only 95
in the United States? Did you know that before any repair involving hot work on or adjacent to fuel tanks or

cargo tanks can begin on a vessel that it first requires a signed Marine Chemist certificate by a Marine

Chemist that has been certified by NFPA?  A Marine Chemist is an individual that is certified by the NFPA

Marine Chemist Qualification Board (MCQB) and is qualified to issue these certificates in compliance

with NFPA 306, OSHA and the US Coast Guard.


The initiation of the Marine Chemist program started after World War I, due to problems with fire and

explosions at US shipyards.  Vessel owners and marine insurance companies approached NFPA to

help control the hazards associated with ship repair and eliminate these disasters.  In answer to their

request NFPA developed Appendix A of the NFPA Marine Regulations. The American Bureau of shipping

(ABS) was first in directing the certification program until 1963 which at that time NFPA took over.  At present

NFPA 306 requires a Marine Chemist’s Certificate whenever hot work repairs are done in, on or adjacent to
tanks or spaces on ships or barges that contain or previously contained combustible or flammable liquids or gases.

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