#TBT from the NFPA Archives: fire hazards on a movie set, 1922

Blog Post created by maryelizabethwoodruff Employee on Oct 6, 2016


From the article on Motion Picture Production Hazards:  "An outdoor set built on an open stage ... Such construction near a studio building constitutes an exposure hazard. Note that the camera man is smoking."


From the NFPA Quarterly v. 15, no. 3, 1922

"The tremendous growth of the motion picture industry has been one of the commercial marvels of the past decade....

As has been the case with most new rapidly growing industries, there has been a period when the development of safeguards has not kept pace with the creation of new hazards...

While the film is regarded as the first hazard of the motion picture industry, the rapid development of large scale production has introduced other studio hazards which are treated in some detail in this article."


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