NFPA 1: Preliminary results from the Second Draft meeting in Milwaukee, WI #FireCodefridays

Blog Post created by kristinbigda Employee on Oct 7, 2016


This past Monday and Tuesday the NFPA 1 Technical Committee met in Milwaukee, WI for their Second Draft meeting.  The Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) was kind enough to provide beautiful meeting space for the committee.  Committee members made new connections with MSOE staff and MSOE faculty visited the meeting to experience the code development process in action.  A successful meeting was had by all!


A fire code encompasses many, many subjects which cover the full range of fire and life safety issues from fire protection systems and equipment and occupant safety in new and existing buildings to hazardous materials, flammable and combustible liquids, LP-Gas, and more.  This actions taken at the meeting were an accurate reflection of the broad scope of the Code as the committee acted on issues from fire department access, storage of materials, hazardous materials, food trucks, and marijuana.


Here is a recap of the results on major issues from the meeting:

  • New chapter on marijuana growing, processing and extraction facilities.  This chapter will address unique safety provisions for marijuana growing and processing facilities in new and existing buildings.
  • Reorganized Chapter 52 on Energy Storage Systems (titled Stationary Storage Battery Systems in previous editions) with requirements specific to Lead-Acid and Nickel-Cadmium Batteries and other requirements specific to additional battery technologies.  The rewrite of Chapter 52 reflects new and existing applications of energy storage systems.
  • New section on Outside Storage of Biomass Feedstock.
  • Required compliance with NFPA 56 for cleaning and purging activities for new and existing flammable gas piping found in electric generating plants and in industrial, institutional, and commercial applications.
  • Updated requirements for fire department access road dimensions including curb cuts, gradient, and widths.
  • Revised section 34.10.3 on outdoor storage to be specific to wood and wood composite pallets and listed pallets equivalent to wood and revised 34.10.4 for application specific to pallet manufacturing and pallet recycling facilities. Also included is a new section on the allowable size of pallet arrays based on fire department access. 
  • Updated extracted provisions in Chapter 40 from NFPA 654 to NFPA 652.
  • New section on mobile and temporary cooking operations updated from the First Draft with applicable extracted provisions from NFPA 58.
  • Hundreds of sections extracted from other NFPA codes and standards were updated to reflect the text from the newest editions of those documents.

*Please note that all results are subject to formal balloting by the Technical Committee.  The official results of the meeting including responses to public comments and second revisions, can be found in the Second Draft and Second Draft Report which will be available and posted at no later than January 16, 2017.