Quick Visual Guide: NFPA 5000 Construction Types

Blog Post created by tracyvecchiarelli Employee on Oct 28, 2016

As an NFPA staff liaison, I help NFPA members with their code questions. I often get questions about NFPA construction types found in NFPA 5000, NFPA 101, and NFPA 220 - What do they mean? What do the numbers in parenthesis represent? What does a Type II building look like?


NFPA codes and standards base many requirements on building construction type - number of stories, building square footage, etc. There are 10 construction types that NFPA defines. Use this quick visual guide to help you decipher the NFPA 5000 construction types. In this visual, I provide a simple explanation using construction Type III (211) as an example.