NFPA celebrates national STEM Day today & all year round

Blog Post created by mholland1 Employee on Nov 8, 2016

Today may be National STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Day but NFPA engineers Jacqueline Wilmot, Tracy Vecchiarelli, and Chelsea Tuttle do their best year-round to share their passion for all things STEM.


Recently, the three millennials had the opportunity to interact with students at the Easton Middle School, located south of Boston. The trio of NFPA female engineers interacted with 900 students in grades 6-8 during the school’s Pathways to Your Future educational event. They also created two engagement activities to show how exciting STEM learning and STEM careers can be.


During the first activity, students were asked what fire protection and life safety devices were installed in their facility. Once students knew the answer they were asked to point the safety features located in the gym. On the NFPA STEM table there were examples of egress signs, sprinkler heads, smoke detectors and notification devices so that students could see the safety tools up close and ask questions. 


The second activity involved working with the Easton Fire Department to showcase firefighter gear at the NFPA booth. There were tags on each piece of equipment indicating how science is used to keep firefighters safe. The students witnessed the temperature ratings on each item so that they had an understanding of the heat that the equipment is built to with stand.


Sparky the Fire Dog, NFPA’s official mascot, also made an appearance at the STEM event. For more than six decades, Sparky has partnered with fire professionals, teachers, civic organizations, corporations and the media to deliver invaluable fire and life safety educational messages to children and adults alike. During the Easton Middle School event, Spark posed for pictures with students and staff, and helped reinforce the important role that science, technology, engineering and mathematics play in fire safety today.