NFPA Responder Forum encourages the fire service to look at emerging issues from a "we" perspective rather than a "me" perspective

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on Nov 8, 2016

Common questions asked this week at the 2nd Annual Responder Forum in Charlotte, North Carolina include, "How can I possibly capture and share the information and knowledge that 100+ forward-thinkers from 13 national fire organizations, the NFPA and other experts are exchanging this week about emerging issues?" "How can I engage my peers at the firehouse, on the state level or nationally so that we are, collectively, moving the fire service forward?"


Jim Pauley, president of NFPA asked the audience to embrace emerging issues with a "we" perspective rather than a "me" perspective. Pauley noted that change isn't easy, but the future of firefighting is here and the Responder Forum is dealing with it head on. This video recap of Day 1 of the Responder Forum offers a brief glimpse of yesterday’s discussions regarding smart firefighting, data and the cultural shift needed to drive change in the fire service. Not surprising, the line firefighters, officers, fire marshals, training directors, arson investigators and thought leaders in attendance posed tough questions, offered invaluable perspective, and put in requests for data-driven decision-making tools and smart sensors that will potentially reduce risk and improve operations, incident command, tactics and occupational health. 


If you like what you see and hear on this Responder Forum recap video, check back tomorrow for a snapshot of the intense learning and leadership-thinking taking place on Day 2.  #NFPAResponderForum