NFPA’s new technical committee on Building Fire & Life Safety Directors conducts its first face-to-face meeting

Blog Post created by afraser Employee on Nov 17, 2016

Established in April of 2015 the Technical Committee on Building Fire & Life Safety Directors held its first face-to-face meeting at NFPA Headquarters November 8-10, 2016 after holding a number of online meetings over the past year and a half.  


This committee is charged with the development of multiple national standards related to facility emergency action plans and the professional qualifications for facilities safety directors.


The committee’s scope has two parts:

  • First, “This committee shall have primary responsibility for documents related to the duties, requirements, and competencies required of Facility Safety Directors.
  • Second, “This committee shall also have primary responsibility for the establishment of minimum requirements for emergency action plans addressing all-hazard emergencies within occupied structures having an occupant load of greater than 500", except for industrial occupancies.


At its November 8-10, 2016 meeting, the committee developed chapters on definitions, reference documents, administration and “job performance requirements” (JPR’s) by which facilities safety directors will be measured and tested for certification. They developed seven (7) duties for the position under which are contained some twenty-nine (29) tasks. Their draft document will be sent to NFPA’s Professional Qualifications Correlating Committee in early December and then to NFPA’s Standards Committee to be placed in cycle and posted to receive public inputs. Watch for further news in the coming months.


The Committee currently has eighteen (18) principal members and three (3) alternates. This is a very large and important project and we'd like to see a full committee of thirty (30) members and thirty (30) alternates including people to represent the various disability communities.


Applications for membership can be completed online at: Building Fire & Life Safety Directors (BLF-AAA)