#TBT from the NFPA Archives: The Winecoff Hotel fire - December 7, 1946

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Canopy of Hotel Winecoff, after the fire (Photograph by: Marion Johnson 12/9/1946)

1946 was a devastating and difficult year for hotel fires in the United States. Pictured here is the canopy that covered the marquee at the Hotel Winecoff in Atlanta, Georgia.


From NFPA Journal v.110, no.3, 2016

Of the 304 guests in the hotel that night, 119 died—many by jumping from the upper floors of the 15-story building—and 65 were injured. In its aftermath, advocates called for a new push to strengthen safety standards. “If real results are to be accomplished . . . steps must be taken to prevent fire and panic in all places where numbers of people live or congregate,” read an NFPA statement. “The measures to protect all such places should be taken before the disaster and not after.”


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