New research looks at the impact of fire extinguisher agents on cultural resource materials

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Dec 8, 2016

cultural heritage materialsA variety of different fire extinguishing agents are utilized in portable extinguishers that are used in museums, galleries, cultural centers, historic houses and libraries. The agents themselves have been well-researched and their ability to suppress a fire is well-quantified. What is less well understood is what effect these agents might have on the cultural heritage materials that are exposed to them.


A newly published Fire Protection Research Foundation report is a compilation of two sub-reports addressing this topic, included herein:

  • QUANTIFICATION: “Quantifying the Impact of Portable Fire Extinguisher Agents on Cultural Resource Materials Agent and Fire Exposure Test Report”
  • ASSESSMENT: “Assessing the Impact of Fire Extinguisher Agents on Cultural Resource Materials”


The primary goals of these projects were to establish a reproducible test protocol that could be used for future testing and that would permit the reporting and assessment of comparable test results by disparate testing entities, and gather information about the responses of a range of selected materials when exposed to the most commonly used portable fire extinguisher agents over both the short and long-terms.


Download the full report, “Impact of Fire Extinguisher Agents on Cultural Resource Materials” for all of the details.