The 2017 NFPA 58 Handbook is now available

Blog Post created by debrarose Employee on Dec 15, 2016

2017 NFPA 58 handbookThe 2017 edition of NFPA 58 was published a few months back, and now, the 2017 NFPA 58 Handbook is also available. A big thanks goes to staff liaison Eric Nette for modeling the brand new edition!


The industry benchmark for safe LP-Gas storage, handling, transportation, and use, NFPA 58 mitigates risks and ensures safe installations, to prevent failures, leaks, and tampering that could lead to fires and explosions. Compliance with NFPA 58 is the most powerful way to help protect people and installations from a host of LP-Gas hazards. To help you stay on top of the changes in the 2017 edition and make sense of the full code, the new Handbook is loaded with information, advice, and new visuals that support your work, so you can help prevent system failures, leaks, tampering, fires, and explosions.


Visit the NFPA 58 doc info page for more information.