NFPA 1300 can help fire and emergency services demonstrate that community risk reduction works

Blog Post created by ctuttle Employee on Dec 16, 2016

The article "Proving Risk Reduction Works: The Case in Point" by Mark Chubb of the IAFC describes the challenge facing fire and emergency services to prove the effectiveness of community risk reduction efforts. Chubb illustrates a case study that is a successful blend of anecdote, supporting data, and petition. Be sure to check out his full article here.


When proving program effectiveness we know that the data is out there among our communities, but it is not always clear the best way to collect, analyze, and communicate that data in order to achieve our objectives. NFPA aims to provide fire and emergency services in any size community with tools to aid in these endeavors, and NFPA 1300, Standard on Community Risk Assessment and Community Risk Reduction Plan Development, is that toolbox. Released to the public as a draft document in August 2016, NFPA 1300 is currently open for public input until June 28, 2017. On behalf of the Technical Committee on Fire Prevention Organization and Deployment I encourage you to read the draft and submit your ideas to the committee for review at www.nfpa.org/1300next. We look forward to hearing from you!



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