As holiday shopping kicks into high gear, NFPA issues lithium ion battery safety tip sheet for consumers

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on Dec 16, 2016

Chances are there is someone on your holiday shopping list that has requested a device, toy, tool or new technology that contains lithium ion batteries. To help the public take care when using smart phones, laptops, scooters, remote control gadgets, wearable technology, and a host of other products on the market right now, the NFPA has developed a lithium ion battery safety tip sheet for consumersThe timely resource highlights the problem with these batteries, offers ways to identify issues, shares safety advice, and addresses battery disposal. 


Lithium ion batteries are ideally suited for today’s streamlined, lightweight, high-tech consumer products but convenience comes with concern. The compact batteries store a large amount of energy; and if not used properly, can overheat and cause a fire or explosion. Fire issues related to lithium ion batteries dominated the news this year leading to a CPSC recall of more than a half-million hoverboards and the FAA banning Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices from all flights.


For safety sake this holiday season, spread the word about lithium ion battery safety. NFPA's new tip sheet for consumers is perfect for sharing with audiences online, via social media (JPEG) or as a printable resource (PDF).