NFPA 1:  #FireCodefridays in 2016, a year in review

Blog Post created by kristinbigda Employee on Dec 23, 2016

Merry Christmas - Firecode Fridays

Earlier this year I became Staff Liaison to NFPA's Fire Code project and the Fire Code Technical Committee responsible for the development of NFPA 1, Fire Code.  I was excited to take on the responsibility of such an important document that touches so many areas of fire protection, life safety, property protection and fire fighter access and protection.


I then asked myself, "How can I take a document with so much information and make it more useful to enforcers and users of the Code? How can I help get the word out about all of this information?"  And so, "Fire Code Fridays" was born. 


Today marks my 44th "Fire Code Friday" post.  My first post, about indoor children's play structures, was published on Friday, February 26, 44 weeks ago!  In my 44 weeks writing these posts, I have not only learned a lot about the Code myself, but also about how far reaching this Code truly is.  It impacts people, buildings, events and activities every single day.


It impacts AHJs responsible for seasonal events such as carnivals and fairs, display fireworks and parades, and holiday activities such as crop mazes, haunted houses, and Christmas trees.


It affects basic electrical installations, commercial cooking equipment, and the installation and design of PV systems


It requires the availability of clear and unobstructed fire department access to buildings and structures and adequate fire flow for fire fighter operations.


It requires that enforcers and users have an understanding of the storage and use of hazardous materials including their classification, quantity and protection.


It even requires the basic enforcement of objects such as grills and hibachis, sky lanterns, heating appliances and the management of combustible waste and trash.


And above and beyond the provisions that are unique to NFPA 1, there is also an added responsibility to understand the 50+ documents that are extracted into the Code, such as NFPA 101 and NFPA 72.


All in the pages of one, single document.  And there is still plenty for me to share in 2017, including the discussion of new provisions for the next edition of the Code!


Thank you for reading my weekly posts. I hope you have enjoyed them!  If you have suggestions, or feedback, please comment. 


And a very happy holidays, and a safe and healthy New Year!


~Kristin Bigda, NFPA 1 Staff Liaison


As NFPA will be closed December 24 – January 2, Fire Code Fridays posts will resume on Friday, January 6, 2017.