NFPA continues to expand its alternative fuel vehicle safety training as hybrid sales hit new highs

Blog Post created by mgorin Employee on Jan 11, 2017

In a recent report published by the U. S. Department of Energy, they updated hybrid vehicle sales figures, which reported more than 500,000 vehicles sold since 2010. The report also notes that monthly sales records have been hit five times since December 2015.

As hybrid and other alternatively fueled vehicles (AFV) continue to grow in popularity, we have expanded our extensive library of training and educational materials for first responders on the best practices and tactics for handling AFV incidents. The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety Training Program offers free online training, classroom training, educational videos, 3D models, and quick reference materials. The program includes training tailored for the fire service, *EMS, law enforcement, fire investigator, *accident reconstruction, and *tow & salvage communities.  A detailed list of training offerings can be found attached below. 


For more information about NFPA’s Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety Training Program or to access our training and educational materials, please visit our website:


*These training products are currently being developed or revised, with an intended launch of Summer 2017.