NFPA 1: Second Draft Report now posted for public access and review, #FireCodefridays

Blog Post created by kristinbigda Employee on Jan 20, 2017

We have just moved one step closer to the publication of the 2018 edition of NFPA 1, Fire Code.


Earlier this week the Second Draft Report for the Code was posted online for public access to the actions of the committee from the Second Draft meeting held last October.  At the Second Draft meeting, the Technical Committee is responsible for developing revisions to the document.  These revisions which pass ballot are ultimately compiled and published as the Second Draft Report on the document’s NFPA website. This Report serves as documentation of the Comment Stage and is published for public review. 



The report consists of multiple components: a comprehensive Second Draft, Public Comments with corresponding Committee Actions, Committee Statements, Committee Comments, and Ballot Statements. Once published, the public may review the Second Draft Report to decide whether to submit a Notice of Intent to Make a Motion (NITMAM) for further consideration.


One of the most valuable changes that was made to the NFPA standards development process over the past years was to produce and make available a live draft of a document at each stage in the development process.  In the past, the public would have to decipher the changes from both phases of the revision process to determine how the document would ultimately read as a whole.  Now, those interested are able to view a full live document which accurately depicts the accepted changes to the document.  At this stage in the process, the draft shown online is almost exactly how the document will read at publication, pending any changes received through NITMAMs (closing date is FEB 20!)


So, what was accepted by the Fire Code Technical Committee at the Second Draft meeting?  The accepted changes can be found as Second Revisions in the complete Second Draft or in the Second Revisions report, again both accessible on the NFPA 1 webpage.


Some key technical changes to be included in the 2018 edition of the Code:

  • Addition of two listing standards for relocatable power taps.
  • Clarification of the installation of electric gate systems.
  • Update of Section 34.10.3 to apply to outside storage of wood and wood composite pallets of listed pallets equivalent to wood. 
  • New Chapter 38 on Marijuana Growing, Processing or Extraction Facilities.
  • Revision of Chapter 40 to update extracted references from NFPA 654 to NFPA 652.
  • Confirmation of and additional revisions to new section on Mobile and Temporary Cooking Operations.
  • Complete revision of Chapter 52 on Energy Storage Systems
  • New Chapter 55 to reference compliance with NFPA 56 for cleaning and purging activities for new and existing flammable gas piping in specified applications.
  • New section 63.9 for Insulated Liquid Carbon Dioxide Systems.
  • Hundreds of updates to sections extracted from other documents.  Major extracts at the Second Draft stage include NFPA 101, NFPA 58, NFPA 30, NFPA 407.

The Fire Code Technical Committee was certainly busy this revision cycle.  There are many new and exciting additions to the Code that will address a plethora of emerging issues.  I look forward to highlighting more of these issues in future posts.


If you have any questions on any changes please feel free to log in and comment on this post and we can discuss.


Happy Friday!