Webinar focuses on fire departments’ response capabilities to wildfires

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Mar 1, 2017

More and more U.S. municipal fire departments are being called upon to respond to wildfire incidents. Is your fire department one of them? Do they have the capability to handle these unusually challenging events?


This question was the focus of a recent webinar hosted by NFPA’s Hylton Haynes, a senior research analyst and Tom McGowan, senior fire service specialist. The two discussed the findings from NFPA’s 2015 Fourth Needs Assessment of the U.S. Fire Service survey that address wildfire preparedness in local fire departments. Progress has definitely been made in the area, but the data also tells us there's a lot more work that still has to be done. The webinar takes a look at the following areas of need including:


• Personnel and capabilities
• Training
• Health and wellness
• Personal protective clothing
• The use of auxiliary (support) roles when responding to wildfire events
• Community risk reduction


If you weren't able to join us for the webinar back on February 22nd, we invite you to take advantage of the video here on Xchange. See how your answers compare to those who completed the survey and learn what challenges fire departments across the U.S., like yours, face when it comes to wildfire mitigation, safety and response.


The following is a video preview:



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