New Research fact sheet provides an overview of the US fire problem

Blog Post created by martyahrens Employee on Mar 16, 2017

New Research fact sheet provides an overview of the US fire problem

fact sheet inageWhere do you turn when you’re looking for a quick summary of the fire problem without too many details? Try NFPA’s new fact sheet, ”An Overview of the U.S. fire problem.”  

NFPA’s Research, Data, and Analytics Division produces a wide variety of statistical reports. The most recent big picture estimates of fire department responses to fires by general types of fires and properties are found in Fire Loss in the United States. Estimates of civilian deaths and injuries and property damage are also provided.

 Other reports provide information about firefighter fatalities and injuries.  Many of our reports address fires of specific causes or specific occupancies. Most of our reports use the detailed information collected by the US Fire Administration’s National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) combined with the results of NFPA’s annual fire department experience survey to create national estimates of specific fire problems.  Because the majority of fire deaths and injuries are caused by home fires, these fires get more attention in our reports of fire causes and in this fact sheet.  

Most of the statistical reports about the various aspects of the fire problems also have fact sheets to provide answers to the most common statistical questions about the topics. Let us know how these fact sheets are working for you.  What other fact sheets would you like to see?