Video series focuses on requirements in the 2017 NEC that impact your industry

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Apr 25, 2017

For the past few months, NFPA has hosted a series of videos to help explain the significant changes to the 2017 edition of NFPA 70: National Electrical Code (NEC) that impacts the electrical industry as a whole, as well as the work you do every day. Many of you have told us how valuable this series is, that the information contained in each of the videos has not only helped you to perform your jobs more efficiently, but it has in effect, helped you to advance electrical safety in the process.


That’s why I’m pleased to tell you that the entire NEC changes video series is now available any time you need to revisit a topic or if you want to watch a video for the first time. Whether you’re looking for changes to the code relating to residential or commercial installations, alternative energy technologies, electrical vehicle supply equipment, limited energy and communications systems or special occupancies, or maybe your focus is on the five new articles in the 2017 NEC not covered by previous code editions, you’ll now be able to access this NEC video series easily, and in one place, here on our Xchange platform.



If you haven’t registered for Xchange yet, you can do so today. Look for the login link above to login or register for your free account. Many of you have already expressed an interest in using the platform, and still many more have actually utilized Xchange to ask questions, start conversations and collaborate with expert staff and peers. As your partner in electrical safety, NFPA is here to support you and the work you do every day. Visit Xchange today and find out what the platform can do for you.