Firefighter and Emergency Responder’s Nightmare

Blog Post created by nancypearce Employee on Apr 26, 2017

History shows that confined space operations are an extremely dangerous activity for the fire service. The danger starts when firefighters and responders don’t recognize the presence of or hazards within a confined space and enter without appropriate atmospheric monitoring and equipment.  In many cases, the rescuer then becomes the victim.  Last evening’s episode of Chicago Fire brought this issue to the forefront showing how taking shortcuts when entering confined spaces can lead to fatal consequences. These events do not just take place on television, they occur regularly in real life. (See my previous blog: “Three die in confined space and firefighter in critical condition”.)


Recognizing the continuing hazard for the fire services, NFPA will soon be offering a free Confined Space training for fire service professionals designed to raise awareness and understanding about the risks associated with confined spaces in May 2017.


In the meantime, login or register for Xchange today to download the NFPA 350 Fact Sheet to keep as a reference – and by downloading, you will receive an invitation to the free training when it’s available.