Chinese Fire Delegation makes stop in Quincy

Blog Post created by rmcdonald Employee on Apr 27, 2017

NFPA warmly welcomed a Chinese delegation on Tuesday, as the Association looks to deepen ties with our counterparts in China. Don Bliss, Olga Caledonia, and Guy Colonna met with Mr. Liu Xuefeng, accompanied by NFPA representative in China, Yuanjing Liu, to discuss opportunities within the Chinese first responder and enforcer communities.


From left to right: Guy Colonna, Liu Xuefeng, Jim Pauley, Olga Caledonia, Don Bliss, and Yuanjing Liu

From left to right: Guy Colonna, Liu Xuefeng, Jim Pauley, Olga Caledonia, Don Bliss, and Yuanjing Liu


Much of the discussion focused on the changing dynamics of fire safety in China, and the necessary response of the fire service.  Association members took this opportunity to learn more about the changing safety environment on the ground, as Mr. Liu explained the massive growth that has propelled China to become the world’s second largest economy:


“It has been a population explosion”, he says.  “In another 30 years, it will be a different country.  Developments in the fire service can’t catch up.”


Currently, China has 200 academies providing training on prevention and inspections, with three main regional academies dedicated to first responders. These facilities have trained over 170,000 fire service military professionals throughout the country, and tens of thousands more private citizens will soon enroll to bolster man power.


Mr. Liu leads a fact-finding mission to inform these important national initiatives, at the request of the China Fire Protection Association (CFPA).  His visit to Quincy was just part of a US tour, following a stop at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD.  After the successful meeting with NFPA staff, Mr. Liu departed for the Midwest, with stops at FDIC in Indianapolis and the Illinois Institute of Technology.


The Chinese delegation offered unique insight into the future of the fire service in China.  Yuanjing Liu is a retired colonel from the China Fire Service, and over the past fifteen years she has continued her work through her relationship with NFPA.  Mr. Liu’s path to this partnership began in Chinese politics, and has since led to leadership positions both within the CFPA and the Beijing Fire Protection Association.  He has also led a successful PPE company, Yingtelai Technical Co. 


The CFPA partnership stands amongst the oldest and strongest NFPA collaborations in Asia.  This recent meeting keeps our fingers on the pulse of one of the world’s most dynamic countries, and looks to open exciting opportunities this year and beyond.