Fires in structures under construction, undergoing major renovation, or being demolished

Blog Post created by bprince Employee on Apr 28, 2017

Fires in structures under construction

Ever wonder how many fires occur in structures that are under construction, undergoing renovation, or being demolished? Are there deaths or injuries that occur in these structures? What would be the causes of ignition or leading causes of fires? Well, we have those answers and more in our new Fires in Structures Under Construction, Undergoing Major Renovation, or Being Demolished report! This new NFPA report states that U.S fire departments respond to an estimated average of 3,750 fires in structures under construction each year, 2,560 fires in structures undergoing major renovation, and another 2,130 in structures being demolished. 


Did you know?

In structures under construction, cooking equipment was responsible for the largest share of fires (27%).



This report will answer your questions relating to:

  • Leading causes of fire
  • Extent of flame damage
  • Causes of ignition
  • Equipment involved in ignition
  • How many civilian deaths and injuries occurred

And much more!


Click on the link above to view the report!