NFPA 1: Conference & Expo, preview of Certified Amending Motions to be addressed at technical meeting #FireCodefridays

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We are a little over a month away from the 2017 NFPA Conference & Expo to be held this year in Boston, MA...NFPA's backyard! Following completion of the Public Input and Public Comment stages, there is further opportunity for debate and discussion of issues through the NFPA Technical Meeting that takes place at the NFPA Conference & Expo® each June. This year, the Technical Meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 7 and NFPA 1, Fire Code, will be up for discussion by the membership.


Prior to being on the agenda at the Technical Meeting, a document has to receive a NITMAM (those that do not go to the end of the process and are issued as consent documents by NFPA's Standards Council in advance).  NITMAMs are a accepted on portions of the Second Draft Report for the 5 weeks following the posting of the report. NITMAMs are then thoroughly reviewed and valid motions are certified by the Motions Committee for presentation at the NFPA Technical Meeting.  The NFPA membership then hears the issue, discusses and debates the issue and a vote is taken by the membership.  Any successful NFPA 1 motion would then be forwarded to the NFPA 1 Technical Committee for their vote as well. These are all steps in the standards development process to ensure that an issued code or standard is truly a consent document.


NFPA 1 received a total of six NITMAMs which were combined into five separate and certified motions.  The motions address topics including mass notification systems, animal housing facilities, integrated fire protection systems, and storage of combustible materials. Each of these motions will be presented to the membership at the meeting:



The full Motions Committee report is posted for public access in several different location on the NFPA website.  The report contains the Certified Amending Motions that may be presented at the Technical Meeting.  The motions may only be presented at the meeting and considered by the membership if a person authorized to make the motion or their Designated Representative appears no later than one hour before the beginning of the session.


The report presents each set of motions, by document, in an overview table (shown above), followed by additional details about each motion including the resulting code text if the motion passes or fails, (example shown below). The report is in order by document number, so NFPA 1 is easily found at the front!  Each motion presented in the overview is assigned a sequence number and a NITMAM log number.  The sequence number is the order in which the motions will be heard and the NITMAM log number is the number given to the original NITMAM in the order in which it was received.  Each motion also shows the section reference from the Code, the name of the person authorized to make the motion at the meeting, the recommended action of the motion and the page of the report which included the details about each motion.



The NFPA Technical Meeting is an important step in the standards development process as it provides the opportunity for those NFPA members to voice their opinion on important issues facing debate on NFPA's top codes and standards.


Will you be attending NFPA's Conference & Expo?  Are you an NFPA member planning to attend the Technical Meeting?  We hope to see you there!


Thanks for reading and happy Friday!  Stay safe!