Electrical failures and malfunctions causing fires - read our new report!

Blog Post created by bprince Employee on May 2, 2017

Happy National Electrical Safety Month!Burnt outlet

Now that Spring has begun, we can say hello to warmer days, and goodbye to the cold, snowy weather and to the peak period of electrical home fires. NFPA's new Electrical Fires report states that November through January is the peak period for home fires involving electrical failures or malfunctions accounting for 39% of home electrical fires, 40% of deaths, 37% of injuries, and 40% direct property damage from these fires. Home electrical fires also represent 13% of total home fires and 17% of associated civilian deaths. 


Did you know?

50% of deaths associated with electrical fires involving heating, ventilation, and air conditioning were due to fixed or portable space heaters.


Click on the link above to download this report, which includes information on:

  • Item first ignited
  • Type of electrical failure or malfunction
  • Total fires vs. total factors
  • And more!


Let's all remember to think about the dangers of these fires and stay safe by reading our Electrical Fires Safety Tip Sheet and you can learn more about National Electrical Safety Month and what is to come here!