NFPA, Tesla and utilities: perfect timing for energy storage

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on May 12, 2017


In the days leading up to this morning’s announcement from Tesla about aggregating energy storage to form an energy network, the Technical Committee on Energy Storage Systems gathered at NFPA headquarters in Quincy to finish the development of the NFPA 855, Standard on Stationary Energy Storage Systems draft. The draft was completed by the committee and will soon be on its way to the Standards Council for their August meeting.


Battery technology is big these days for consumers, manufacturers, municipalities, businesses and energy providers. Working with Green Mountain Power in Vermont, Tesla will begin linking thousands of batteries to form a power network that delivers value for the energy sector, consumers and businesses. Per today’s announcement, the two organizations will bundle Tesla’s Powerwall home battery and the company’s utility and business energy Powerpack batteries into a shared package. This will make grids operate better and allow Tesla and utilities to tap into customer energy storage systems during high demand periods, in exchange for compensation. Tesla has declared this is just the beginning. They are working with resources around the world to provide reliable power at all times of day and to modernize energy infrastructure.


NFPA and its stakeholders recognize the opportunities and potential fire hazards associated with energy storage systems, which is why the NFPA 855 document has been fast-tracked to get the first edition of the standard out as soon as possible. The purpose of NFPA 855 is to provide the minimum requirements for the fire prevention, fire protection, design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning of stationary, mobile and temporary energy storage systems. The technical committee is working within a schedule that will enable the document to be issued as early as summer 2018.


NFPA has an array of resources covering the topic of energy storage systems including the nation’s only free online training program for the fire service, NFPA Journal coverage, reports, five videos, and key takeaways from a Research Foundation workshop in conjunction with FDNY.