Non-fire electrical incidents

Blog Post created by bprince Employee on May 18, 2017

May is Electrical Safety Month and what better way to raise awareness of potential electrical hazards and the importance of electrical safety than with NFPA's new Non-Fire Electrical Incidents Report? This report states that local fire departments respond to an estimated 385,700 non-fire electrical incidents each year. These incidents can involve downed power lines, electrical failures, electrical rescue, and electrocution or potential electrocution. It is also stated that according to our 2017 Electrical Fires report, some type of electrical failure or malfunction caused an estimated average of 61,300 structure fires, 430 civilian deaths, 1,600 civilian injuries, and $2 billion in direct property damage each year. Preventing electrical failures can prevent most of these fires!


Did you know?

Nearly half (47%) of local fire department responses to electrocutions or potential electrocutions occurred in residential properties.


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