Missouri fire chief's article points to the key role that NFPA has played with innovation and standardization

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on May 25, 2017

image from Lake News Online article


Chief Jeff Dorhaue with the Osage Beach Fire Protection District in Missouri, writes about fire hose in Lake News Online and acknowledges the significant role that NFPA has played in the standardization of the fire service. A frequent contributor to the community news platform, Dorhauer's recent article highlights the evolution of fire hose and the early equipment inconsistencies among departments that led to NFPA developing a standard on fire hose and creating a consensus code process that endures today.


More than 100 years after insurance executives established NFPA to standardize fire hose, adapters, fittings, sprinklers and hydrants; the organization continues to champion codes, standards, research and resources that help the fire service do their job and keep safe. NFPA's impact today extends well beyond fire hose and the fire service, and includes more than 300 codes and standards that represent the perspective of thousands of volunteers and serve the needs of a wide array of stakeholders.