Key strategies for developing strong community partners addressed at today's Spotlight on Public Education

Blog Post created by susanmckelvey Employee on Jun 4, 2017

NFPA's Karen Berard-Reed leads lively discussion on building community partnerships at today's Spotlight on Public Education session.


At this morning’s Spotlight on Public Education, Karen Berard-Reed, senior project manager for NFPA's public education division, hosted “Lone Ranger or Justice League? Building Partnerships for Risk Reduction Efforts,” which addressed strategies for building strong community partnerships.

Berard-Reed noted important factors to consider when reaching out to potential partners: Do your homework and choose organizations whose goals align with yours. Provide details about what you're asking them to do, but be clear about how your partnership will benefit them as well. “Partnerships are a two-way street,” said Berard-Reed. “You can’t simply ask for what you want an organization to give you. You need to spell out how working with you will support their efforts, too.”

She also noted that by getting to know your partners and learning about them, you can develop strong relationships that make the work you do together fun. “When you really get to know your community partners, working with them won’t even feel like work,” Berard-Reed said.

The session included lively and interactive conversation among attendees, who shared their perspectives and experiences on selecting community partners and techniques for building lasting relationships.