Surveying the International Fire Data Landscape

Blog Post created by kathleenalmand Employee on Jun 5, 2017

Matt Hinds-Aldrich, Rita Fahy and myself presented a review of NFPA's review of the international fire data scene at the NFPA conference this morning. As part of our work for our own project to develop a National Fire Daya System here in the U.S., we've conducted an international survey of best practices, participated in the Ibternational Standards Organization's survey and met with some of the leaders in fire data around the world. The presentation this morning shared lessons learned around simplicity of data entry, training of data enterers and most importantly the need to provide immediate incentives and feedback to those at the local level who are the key to data quality. As we broaden our data interests beyond incident related data, we have much to learn from the British and Australians about their systems for fire prevention related data collection. 

Audience members from around the world emphasized the need for a broad global dialogue on these topics as NFPA moves forward with our data initiatives. We are listening.