#TBT From The NFPA Archives: NFPA Annual Meeting, 1910

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As the 2017 NFPA Conference & Expo comes to a close, #TBT again takes a look back at the early days of the National Fire Protection Association and annual meetings of years past. This week's image is from the 1910 NFPA annual meeting in Chicago. Even then the efforts and growth of the organization was celebrated and commented upon.


NFPA members during a tour of Underwriters Laboratories, May 1910

Members of National Fire Protection Association at Underwriters' Laboratories, May 18th, 1910.


From the NFPA Quarterly v.4, no. 1, 1910:


"This year's annual meeting... reflected in its character and interest the wider influence of the Association evoked by its larger activities. The general atmosphere of the sessions, the character of the special contributions, and the nature of the discussion and debate, were all indicative of the emergence of our organization into its proper field of distinct and positive public consideration. The representation of active members was unusually adequate, and the general attendance exceeded that of any previous meeting in Chicago. The presentation of the loving cup to President Goddard, and Mr. Merrill's happy speech in connection therewith, was a pleasant incident; and the election of the latter as Mr. Goddard's successor gave much satisfaction to the members. Mr. Phillips' re-election as chairman of the the Executive Committee was accompanied by many expressions of appreciation of the exceptional character of his service. The visit to the Laboratories was as thoroughly enjoyed by the old members as by the new, and the afternoon's relaxation from the regular sessions was agreeable to all. The appointments of the Hotel La Salle were ample and comfortable, and all those who attended the meeting realized that they had been present at a notable gathering."


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