Development of new active shooter Standard begins at NFPA today as gunman opens fire at congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on Jun 14, 2017

Early this morning, as members of Congress practiced for an upcoming charity baseball game at a ballfield in Alexandria, Virginia, an active shooter fired between 50 and 100 rounds from a semi-automatic weapon, according to ABC News. Anthony Scalise (R-Louisiana), a congressional staffer and two Capitol Hill police officers were injured in the incident.


News reports say the attack sent people scrambling for cover. Scalise, who was shot in the hip, according an National Public Radio (NPR) report earlier this morning, is in stable condition. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul told CNN "it would have been a massacre" without police protection. "Nobody would have survived without the Capitol Hill police," Paul said.

Coincidentally, a team of experts is gathering at NFPA headquarters today to develop NFPA 3000, Standard for Preparedness and Response to Active Shooter and/or Hostile Events. The Technical Committee is chaired by Richard Serino, recently retired COO of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), former Chief of Boston EMS, and current faculty member at Harvard University. He is joined by representatives from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), International Association of Police Chiefs (IACP), International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), National Association of EMTs (NAEMT), International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), EMS Labor Alliance, hospital officials, facility managers, private security authorities, university personnel, and others.


“We have seen far too many of these hate crimes in recent years in places like London, Paris, San Bernardino, Boston, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech and Charleston. These tragedies highlight a need for first responders, emergency personnel, facility managers, hospital officials, and community members to have information when terror attacks occur,” said NFPA President Jim Pauley in a press release sent out yesterday about the new active shooter Standard. Today, Pauley added Virginia to the list of hostile events prompting the need for the Standard.


NFPA 3000 will give authorities a resource to reference in the event of a terror or active shooter incident, and is expected to be completed by early 2018. The public then will have the opportunity to offer Public Inputs through NFPA’s technical process. You can follow the development of NFPA 3000 by requesting email updates.