Home Is Where The... Safety Should Be

Blog Post created by mhinds-aldrich Employee on Jun 27, 2017

The National Safety Council recently released it's annual State of Safety report that focused upon three key areas of preventable injuries (and deaths): safety at home, safety at work and safety in transit.  While much of the initial focus and hoopla understandably zeros in on "why did my state get ranked lower than X" (as often happens when someone creates a grading or scoring metric--see the methodology here) the real take away, especially for those in the fire service, is how much we can do to reduce and eliminate preventable injuries and deaths.  The fire service arguably the most well-positioned public safety entity to address many of the leading causes of preventable injuries.  But, the fire service cannot and should not go it alone in trying to reduce these types of preventable injuries.  If there was ever a clarion call for a wholesale adoption of Community Risk Reduction, this is it.  The status quo isn't cutting it.  If we're going to make a significant dent in these numbers we're going to have to focus on and go to where a large number of the identified safety issues reside... homes.  Because, home is where the safety should be.  


From Overdose To Fires, States Aren't Doing Enough Protect Residents, Council Says : NPR